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No Cavapoos @ this time, please check back mid-May
We do work on a 1st come 1st serve basis. The first $100 deposit will hold the puppy of your choice. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.  Thank You Barbi (at times we can neuter male puppy before placement for reasonable fee)

Recently Sold Cavapoos from past litters

'Jack' and 'Jill' (Jill going home with Amy in KS) little black Cavapoo babies.  They are solid, shiny black in color and have a little white on their toes, chest and chin.  These two are super sweet, playful and trusting.  Ready to go end of March.  These little Cavapoos will mature to be around 10 lbs full grown as both parents are 8 and 10 lbs.  Little boy puppies can be neutered prior to placement for an added $60.00.   

Colby'   Is a happy, playful little fellow.  He has plush, wavy hair that is a beautiful apricot in color.  He will be  non shedding and 
 estimated mature weight 7-8 lbs.  He has a big personality and full of puppy love!  
'Reddy', 'Riley' and 'Tiny Rose' are gorgeous, red Shihpoo's with a little white on their chest and more on Riley's face and chest.  Their Personalities are happy go lucky, confidant and very playful.  They have reddish and non shedding hair coats so safe for most with allergies.  Mature weight approx 7 to 10 lbs.  Tiny Rose will be approx 6 to 7 lbs full grown.   Reddy and Riley are $600.00 each.  Tiny Rose is $800.00 
Going home with Joyce! 'Ivory'  Ivory is a gorgeous, very playful fellow with lots of self confidence!  He loves everyone!  He has a laid back personality!  Loves to lounge!   Has ivory colored or light apricot, plush wavy and non shedding hair coat is very beautiful.  He will mature to be approx 10 lbs.  He is 650.00.  

 Going home with Christine in Georgia!  'Tiny Rose'is a very petite little red Shihpoo girl!  She weighs 2 lbs at 9 wks old.  She will most likely mature to be 6 to 7 lbs.  She has a happy go lucky and calm personality.  Very thick, wavy red non shedding hair coat.  She is $800.00.  

'Jack' upper left is very happy trusting and playful.  He should mature to be approx 10 lbs.  He is $650.00.
'Ranger' is a very playful, (Living with Watts family in WV) inquisitive little fellow.  He has white on all four feet and chest.  He should mature to be approx 12 lbs full grown. Thick, non shedding andplush hair coat.  He is 650.00.
Reserved for his new family in KC!
Born Feb. 6th, Ready April 3rd
Talon is a sweetheart, he loves to play and cuddle.  He has a thick, wavy, non-shedding coat.  He is a beautiful Golden in color, with a bit of white on his chest. He will mature to around 18lbs & 12 to 13 inchest tall at the shoulder. His mother is Tater and father Red, both can be seen on the home page.  
 Reserved! Going to FL with his new family the Howze's! 
Born Feb. 6th, Ready April 3rd

Tigger is a sweety, he is very laid back and easygoing.  He has a thick, wavy, golden, non-shedding coat. He will mature to about 16 or 18lbs and 12 to 13 inches tall at the shoulder.   His mother is Tater and father Red, both can be seen on the home page.  
'Ginger is a beauty.  She is a dark red female poodle.  She has a gorgeous face, build and haircoat.  She is gentle and so loving. She is AKC registered.   She is $800.00.  
Going home with Naomi in NY!